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A collection
that speaks about experience.

When hands meet clay and then clay meets color, magic happens. The magic of Deruta.

Classical ceramics

Precious drawings that have been handed down for centuries, inspired by great masters of Italian art such as Raphael, Pinturicchio and Perugino. Volutes, noble motifs, floral and natural decorations. Ceramic collections that bring the past into the future, renewing the color of time and making it shine at the table and beyond.

Modern ceramics

Contemporary, modern, creative chromatic ideas that demonstrate how Deruta majolica can still be an art of all and for everyone. An explosion of colour grafted into the clay that makes the decorated ceramics an undisputed decorative protagonist. For those who do not want to abandon tradition, but rather give it a new edge.

Services and accessories for the table

Even setting a table is a form of art. Choosing to do it with ceramics hand painted in Deruta is both a sophisticated choice. For lunches that become timeless rituals, for special meetings where eating becomes a shared gesture, many services and accessories in which each piece is truly unique.

Patterns and ornaments

The visual and symbolic power of ceramic pottery from Deruta, classic but at the same time contemporary, to decorate your home and adorn your walls. Tradition and pride from Umbria all over the world, Deruta majolica is a precious gift to make oneself and to give, one which will never go unnoticed.

Ceramic tables

The table is a must in every home. A functional, useful piece of furniture, to use when alone as well as in company. Our hand painted ceramic tables are an extraordinay unique piece which will transform a room into an artistic space. Every breakfast, lunch & dinner will become an unforgettable moment, thanks to the beautiful colours & the charm of Umbrian creativity.